Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back to muslim reality

After pondering some more, I am going to stick with my gut feelings: Any muslims who reside my EVILLL western country should be given ONE chance to publicly renounce terror and and all the so called militant groups who are part of it- I f not- ship there asses out of here. Also ship any and all cair ass kissers who are to frightened to speak their minds. Spineless twats. In this day and age, the followers of the Koran are the enemies. Not just the radical followers, but the so called moderates who quote the supposedly good things in the black book but never condemn the bad ones. Will never happen, but hey, I can always dream.

Real muslims

What to think of the muslims of the world today. Have not finished the "translated' version of the koran yet, but DAMN. Not a very nice religion. I wonder how many of the main stream muslim groups here in the states have "renounced" terrorism? Not many if they are true followers of the koran. Maybe it is time to start the crusades again. Maybe.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Taurus Customer Service

My son's problem with the recoil spring on his 24/7--taken care of. Called Taurus and was going to purchase a spring kit, the nice/polite customer service rep took the info, verified my address, and shipped one free of charge. Did not ask how or why it happened, just "It's on its way and thanks for your business." So nice to deal with a company that stands behind it's products. Might not mean alot, but I deal with CS reps all the time and this experience was great.

Sick of seeing mexican flags

Over the weekend was bombarded with photos of protesters with the flags waving everywhere. Not American flags, but the damn mexican flag. I'd would guess that at least 490,000 of the supposed 500,00 were criminals( ie.. ILLEGALLY in this Country). Some of the comments made just blew me away--my favorite was from a young student "We may be in this country illegally, but we still DESERVE the rights granted the American citizens..." What is it you do not understand sweetie? Being an illegal immigrant is just that, you are here illegally-Period. You are a criminal-Period. Don't care about your reasons for being here-Tough Sh**. Since you are here illegally it is my opinion that YOU have no Rights granted to the American Citizen, nor should you ever. I will do everything in my limited power to help insure that. And , yes, my family were immigrants-- but they were the other type- LEGAL immigrants from a long, long, time ago. Take the time and go thru the process to become A LEGAL IMMIGRANT . But until that time, you can take your whining, bitching , moaning, mexican flag waving, protesting ass and f*** o**.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wish I were a star,,,

Ever get tired of the same old bullshit coming from the so called "enlightens" pricks out of hollywood? Some tv actor spouting off about the 18-19 year olds in the Military. Well, just to let him know they are not ignorant hicks who can not get a job on the "economy". They happen to be some of the brightest people around-- at least the ones I serve with. Nothing simple about them. They deserve everyone's respect and admiration-- including the asshat actors who seem to know so much more than the average person. Bet the smartass has never served a single day in the service of his country. And btw, it's not just 18-19 year old kids joining; 45 year old prior service USAF technicians are going back in to do their part also.

BTW, the XD in 9mm kicked some asss this past weekend. 1rst chance to range it with the weather being crappy and all. As smooth as advertised. Did damage a spring on the 24/7 though, will have to ask my son how he did it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

XD9 rather than a Sig

After much pacing and thinking, finally decided to go with a Springfield XD series for my 9mm. Weighed in every available 9mm known to God and Man and this is the best for me. Nice weight and balance- Overall decent trigger and shoots pretty good right out of the box. Gonna do around 200-300 this weekend at the range and will have final decision then.

Can't come to a decision about the UAE port deal... Feel both ways about it. Probably in the long run it will not do one damn thing to increase or decrease the security at our ports. But after what has gone on since 9-11 and Iraq, plus the muslim whackoffs reaction to some comics, plus Iran in the sights, maybe it should have been better thought out before awarding it to a Middle Eastern country. Key is that the security of our ports is lacking now, and no matter who gets the contract they will probably lacking in the future.

On a KC Chiefs note: forget the db/cb's Herm-- Go after the DE in FA or the draft. This will be our last good chance for father AGE steps in.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

won't go away

Damn, sick,sick,sick. Of all times to get the krud. Away from home and the wife, trying to work a wing shift, very little sleep. gonna have to start snugglin with the nyquil I guess.

Doesn't look like the cartoons of mo mhed are gonna go away. You know in the long run it will be for the best. Maybe now the compassionate ones who have been bending over backwards and taking it from the muslims will see the light. It is a cult of hatred. Period. If that cult is not dealt with now, and dealt with severely, this country will forever regret it. Let's be on the level here-- the muslims -fanatical or not- share none of my values. They share none of the values of much of America. It is a cult of Hate, it demeans and treats women as secondhand slaves, it would rather live in the 11th century then progress forward. It can behead an innocent person for no reason besides thier nationality. It can justify the killing of a daughter for nothing more than insulting her father. It's time to call a spade a spade and a goat f***** a goat f*****.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A little more on the muslim outrage,

One more on the muslim "outrage". Maybe this is a good thing after all. Now the major medias can not sugar coat the actions of these lunatics. Granted they are not publishing any of the cartoons, and are keeping mum to a point, but the info is on the internet - they can't hide from it or hide it anymore. The pictures of rampaging muslims with their signs and molotovs shows the true intent of islam--learn, submit, or die. I personally do not think this will die anytime soon. With iran spoiling for a fight and using the threat of oil as leverage, most of Europia and Japan will get involved. They have to, they are as dependent on the oil as we are, probably more so. I think in the coming months the situation will reach a boiling point with the US, Israel, and iran as the focal points. I say it's past time.

Muslims, Football and Range Time (lack of)

Good to be back. Have had a hell of a lot going on since Dec. Finally got my waiver cleared and now am a "new old guy" in the Air National Guard. Thought it would not happen but it sure as Hell feels good to be back in the uniform. It's amazing that after 10+ years that I remember as much as I do about the weapon system. First week of ADT and it seemed that I had not forgotten a thing. Whoda thunkit?

Super bowl was alright, finally picked a winner. yahoo. Just a damned shame my CHIEFS were not in it. Maybe with Herm the team will suck it up and play to their potential. Maybe..I hope.

One thing I have not done in awhile is hit the range. Have been so busy with ANG and work that no time has been available and when I did get a couple of hours the weather turned shitty and ruined the chance. Ah well, hopefully this weekend. But the weather has not stopped me from looking for a good 9mm carry pistol. Have been saving the old nickels and dimes and will soon have another weapon of destruction in my hands. Been thinking of a SIG, just not made up my mind on which model yet. Soon, very soon.

BTFW, in my opinion (simple as it may be), these muslim whackoffs who are in such an uproar about the cartoons of mo mhed , relax-- a least they did not show him screwing around with farm animals or humpin a camel. What a f***** up religion; it's okay to kill your daughter for marrying against your wishes, but make a funny out of mo and they want to cut off some heads. One word: Exterminate now (well, two words then)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gay Cowboys?

Was asked by an individual at the theatre (buying tickets for Kong) why I was not purchasing tickets for the GC movie . NOTE: I kept a civil tongue even though I had no idea who she was or why she was being nosy- My reply was a " that kind of movie does not interest me", to which she replied that I MUST be a homophobe and that I should "open" my mind to and see what alternative relationships can do for someone. Sorry, but even though I am a Live and Let Live type O guy, a movie about gay cowboys and their relationship does not interest me now, has not in the past, and pretty sure it won't in the future. End of story.

BTW, enjoy the CHRISTMAS season !