Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back to muslim reality

After pondering some more, I am going to stick with my gut feelings: Any muslims who reside my EVILLL western country should be given ONE chance to publicly renounce terror and and all the so called militant groups who are part of it- I f not- ship there asses out of here. Also ship any and all cair ass kissers who are to frightened to speak their minds. Spineless twats. In this day and age, the followers of the Koran are the enemies. Not just the radical followers, but the so called moderates who quote the supposedly good things in the black book but never condemn the bad ones. Will never happen, but hey, I can always dream.

Real muslims

What to think of the muslims of the world today. Have not finished the "translated' version of the koran yet, but DAMN. Not a very nice religion. I wonder how many of the main stream muslim groups here in the states have "renounced" terrorism? Not many if they are true followers of the koran. Maybe it is time to start the crusades again. Maybe.