Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sick of seeing mexican flags

Over the weekend was bombarded with photos of protesters with the flags waving everywhere. Not American flags, but the damn mexican flag. I'd would guess that at least 490,000 of the supposed 500,00 were criminals( ie.. ILLEGALLY in this Country). Some of the comments made just blew me away--my favorite was from a young student "We may be in this country illegally, but we still DESERVE the rights granted the American citizens..." What is it you do not understand sweetie? Being an illegal immigrant is just that, you are here illegally-Period. You are a criminal-Period. Don't care about your reasons for being here-Tough Sh**. Since you are here illegally it is my opinion that YOU have no Rights granted to the American Citizen, nor should you ever. I will do everything in my limited power to help insure that. And , yes, my family were immigrants-- but they were the other type- LEGAL immigrants from a long, long, time ago. Take the time and go thru the process to become A LEGAL IMMIGRANT . But until that time, you can take your whining, bitching , moaning, mexican flag waving, protesting ass and f*** o**.


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