Wednesday, February 22, 2006

XD9 rather than a Sig

After much pacing and thinking, finally decided to go with a Springfield XD series for my 9mm. Weighed in every available 9mm known to God and Man and this is the best for me. Nice weight and balance- Overall decent trigger and shoots pretty good right out of the box. Gonna do around 200-300 this weekend at the range and will have final decision then.

Can't come to a decision about the UAE port deal... Feel both ways about it. Probably in the long run it will not do one damn thing to increase or decrease the security at our ports. But after what has gone on since 9-11 and Iraq, plus the muslim whackoffs reaction to some comics, plus Iran in the sights, maybe it should have been better thought out before awarding it to a Middle Eastern country. Key is that the security of our ports is lacking now, and no matter who gets the contract they will probably lacking in the future.

On a KC Chiefs note: forget the db/cb's Herm-- Go after the DE in FA or the draft. This will be our last good chance for father AGE steps in.


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