Monday, February 06, 2006

Muslims, Football and Range Time (lack of)

Good to be back. Have had a hell of a lot going on since Dec. Finally got my waiver cleared and now am a "new old guy" in the Air National Guard. Thought it would not happen but it sure as Hell feels good to be back in the uniform. It's amazing that after 10+ years that I remember as much as I do about the weapon system. First week of ADT and it seemed that I had not forgotten a thing. Whoda thunkit?

Super bowl was alright, finally picked a winner. yahoo. Just a damned shame my CHIEFS were not in it. Maybe with Herm the team will suck it up and play to their potential. Maybe..I hope.

One thing I have not done in awhile is hit the range. Have been so busy with ANG and work that no time has been available and when I did get a couple of hours the weather turned shitty and ruined the chance. Ah well, hopefully this weekend. But the weather has not stopped me from looking for a good 9mm carry pistol. Have been saving the old nickels and dimes and will soon have another weapon of destruction in my hands. Been thinking of a SIG, just not made up my mind on which model yet. Soon, very soon.

BTFW, in my opinion (simple as it may be), these muslim whackoffs who are in such an uproar about the cartoons of mo mhed , relax-- a least they did not show him screwing around with farm animals or humpin a camel. What a f***** up religion; it's okay to kill your daughter for marrying against your wishes, but make a funny out of mo and they want to cut off some heads. One word: Exterminate now (well, two words then)


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