Monday, February 06, 2006

A little more on the muslim outrage,

One more on the muslim "outrage". Maybe this is a good thing after all. Now the major medias can not sugar coat the actions of these lunatics. Granted they are not publishing any of the cartoons, and are keeping mum to a point, but the info is on the internet - they can't hide from it or hide it anymore. The pictures of rampaging muslims with their signs and molotovs shows the true intent of islam--learn, submit, or die. I personally do not think this will die anytime soon. With iran spoiling for a fight and using the threat of oil as leverage, most of Europia and Japan will get involved. They have to, they are as dependent on the oil as we are, probably more so. I think in the coming months the situation will reach a boiling point with the US, Israel, and iran as the focal points. I say it's past time.


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The whole thing is proof that "liberalism" doesn't work. It requires appeasement to be an involuntary choice in confrontational situations with persons who have no concept of true democratic principles or miscalculate and see such beliefs as a weakness. The Iranians at the moment are talking big but they really have no concept of the kinds of power western societies are capable of raining down on the 11th century society they have been trying to create for the past 26 years.

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