Thursday, September 08, 2005


Gone to see family in Mississippi. Be back soon

Hurricane handouts

It is hard not sympathizing with the displaced after watching many hours of the Katrina coverage. But as each day goes by, I find myself wondering, in two or three weeks how many of the evacuated NO "refugees" will still be in the Astrodome, Reliance Ctr, etc, etc? Probably too many. As that I am originally from the state of MS, and have spent MANY a night in NO, truth have it that it is a city of "handouts". I know their is the Tourist industry and the oil industry and the port industry that provide jobs for most of the area, but the welfare (better known as the "where's my Check?") group thrives in that area. Not trying to be harsh, but in two months from now,, there are STILL going to be people in the "evacuation" centers, living off the handouts of the Gov. And their new "home states". Get ready because it is going to be ugly.That is the mentality of the welfare mammas and daddies. I do fell the pain of there loss, but hey, while you are sitting in there waiting on your "check", go volunteer to help out, go apply for a job, do something other than wander around whining about the Gov. Failed you. I am not talking about all of the people there, but quite a few. The cities of Baton Rouge, Dallas, Houston, etc will be overwhelmed.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Orleans, Jesse, Mike Moore, and racism....

I knew it would not take long....Being that NO is about 60-70% black and that most of the pictures being aired show nothing but, I figured that charges of racism would start... OK- It is now Sat morning and Jesse is on his way with buses, about three days late don't you think Jesse? Why were you not on your way Tuesday morning with help? Huh? Gotta stay safe and then when the coast is clear start runnin that mouth!! About par for you.. And fat mike, notice you are spouting of about Pres. Bush be a racist because of slow help/relief? Well, Where is your fat ass? Laid back on some couch with your mouth stuffed full I bet. Did not see you in any pictures of the area. Maybe you should fly down to MS and grab a shovel or chain saw and start helping out. Doubt it will happen. I will be flying out Thurs. to go help family in South MS. Maybe I will see you therre,,, but I doubt it. And to all of the people out there crying racism and why is not more being done to help; shut you mouths, get of your ass, and pitch in. For all of these people/familys to have a chance,,, WE ALL HAVE TO HELP.