Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oh yeah

Today was the day for my Football League to do the predictions------ Chiefs will be 12-4--Much better defense but I predict the qb won't make it thru the season... Another 1 and out playoff visit. Oh well, at least they will be fun to watch!

M1 Carbine -- Finally got to the range

Finally got to do some serious shooting with my NPM M-1. Took some time since I was rushed (work) last range trip. Shoots smoother than I remember. Had a Korea bring back that I shot as a kid, but a certain someone took it off my fathers hands, literally. Since then my collection has been wanting, but no longer. As accurate as a carbine can be expected, but a blast to shoot. Have amassed 6 clips of different sizes, and around a 1000 rds of ammo. Will have to retire the Enfield 5 and promote the M-1 to numero uno truck gun...

Simple minded

After spending most of the week working in Jackson -Wy (HellHole) I am beat! So many tourist this year, traffic is horrible. While at one jobsite a friendly tourist from the great state of california noticed my window stickers and commented "Let's see, GOA, NRA, 2AF, must be one of the simpleminded, Huh?" Sort of caught me off guard- and left me speechless (for once). What was so mind blowing was that this "tourist" was maybe ten years old! What reply do you give to a ten year old kid? I failed horribly, all I did was stand there with a stupid smile on my face. That is a direct indication of how her family feels and their ideals, but more so I think is a direct indication of what the kalifornia school system injects in their little heads.

I guess that is one of the main reasons I don't interact with alot of people unless I am forced to (wife). Hopefully my trips to HH are done for the summer... Will give my "simple mind" time to rest.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I have read again with amazement that a school district in California has justified the instruction of "ebonics" as a language. Don't know much about the language, just snippets here and there. But what I do know is that it will be an embarrassment to whoever backs it much less uses it. Being that I live in Idaho I doubt that I will have to take a course at my local community college to become proficient in the terms. I am already pretty good with certain ebonic phrases as "HO", "Dis/Dat", "MoFo", and my favorite "Homey". Leave it to california to again raise the Education Bar to a higher level...Thanks

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Last range visit--M1 Garand

OOOOOOOh! One hundred yards- free standing---40 rounds-- All in the 9/10--Very good for me and my "weak" eyes! That rifle is amazing! Makes a Hell of shooter out of me... As for the pistols: My Sig229 was dead on as usual @15 yds and my new 24/7 was impressive as well. Maybe it's the fact that the range was not busy (empty) that day, or I felt stress free for the first time in months, or maybe it's just that I am a better shot than I give myself credit for... Any of the 3 will do!


Just wondering about how anyone can even regard islam as a peaceful religion....I am trying to finish up the koran again and there is only one thing that is true about this religion. Due to my beliefs, I am an infidel and should be done away with...Clear and simple.. If one is a dedicated follower of that so called religion than he/she is an enemy whose main objective is to either convert me- or kill me. The pc way of dealing with these individuals may be to understand and respect them, but I will go the opposite: Islam is nothing but a cult of death and misery to all that it touches. I have no respect for it or it's followers. Never will. No matter how many times I reference readings/passages from the "book", It still is there in black and white: Hate Not many will call the war on terror for what it is, a war on radical islam. Count me as one of the few.....

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4TH

Here's to a Great Fourth of July to all...Fly the Flag proudly and to all who want to burn it....KMFA!