Sunday, April 24, 2005

Chiefs, Holsters, and Broken glass

Looks like a pretty good draft for the Chiefs. Extremely happy with DJ, Colquitt, and "Boomer". Have to wait on the others.... Hopefully a chance at the SB this year. We'll see. Have not had much of a success at finding a holster for the Taurus 24/7 I rec'd on bag day........Looking for a high quality leather belt holster in a high ride fit. Gonna have to keep searching for that "discount" price.

I had actually scheduled a Range day today to take my semi-liberal daughter shooting for the Very First Time.... But, while cleaning up some broken glass I had the misfortune of grabbing what I thought was the smooth end and ended up slicing my forefinger and thumb web with the JAGGED end. No shooting for at least a week.... Should have got stiches but, super glue should do I hope.....

PS: May the socialist c**** from kalifornia go straight to Hell-You know who you are

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Been a long month

A lot of things have happenend lately that have slowed down my "web experience"--- The lovely better half feel down a flight of stairs and broke two bones and fractured another--surgery followed soon after. #1 son moved away to his first managers job---and lovely daughter moved back in. Add three puppies in training and it has been a do nothing month. Did get U.Sam taken care of though-only 3 digits this time. Did get to enjoy the Chiefs making some noise on their defense. Might be a good season!!

But the most important happening occurred on bag day/April 15th: Picked up 500 rounds of .45 to go along with my new Taurus 24/7. Have stayed away from Taurus for quite a few years due to 3 BBBAAADDD experiences. But, this 24/7 is an AWESOME PISTOL. Great feel, great balance, accurate, plus the 12+1 of .45 is ooohhhh aaawww special. The second purchase was of an M1 Carbine (Postal Meter). Have not got it yet, is on the way---but it is 99.9% closer than a month ago. Range next weekend!!!!!!

Finally, 3 things to say: #1: Get off the Pope/Nazi crap #2: Pelosi/Reid go straight to hell!! #3: 3 digits is still way to much to pay!