Saturday, March 05, 2005

KC Chiefs Fan:Come on already, Carl

This has to do with the Free agent draft going on as we speak. Specifically, the KC Chiefs. I have been a long time fan (69) and I am hoping that with the Offense that we have that Carl will see fit to loosen up the old check book and sign some "D" players. This coming year will be the best and probably last chance we have at a Legitimate Super Bowl run. Please, just one sasfety, one cornerback, and one linebacker. That's all we need. Don't make me wait another 20 years-- Don't do it.

Gotta love the politicians,,,

1rst Amend. Rights, 2nd Amend. Rights,,,,, I have a certain pride that burst forward when asked to defend my views on the Constitution and the BOR- Always ready for a good fight!!! I also know there are countless others out there that feel the same way. Does anyone in the Fed-gov understand this? The john and russ bill---enough already. Will say what I want When I want Where I want.

Three straight weekends of range time with the M1----AWESOME is the word that comes to mind. Shot at 75, 100, 150 yards and never got out of the black. I had to admit before firing, it felt , hmm, bulky for a rifle. Not so once you are in position, line it up and fire that first round- did not want to stop!!!!!!What have I been missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After three different distances and every position imaginable I understand now why it was the Perfect Battle Rifle.

BTW, when you fire off 8 quick ones and here that famous metallic "ping", it is almost orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!