Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lost Soldier

Found out thru KDT's site that "Adam" of the Walter and Adam Fund had been killed in action this past week. Words fail me. I had never met Adam but always checked Kim's site to see if there was any news from he or Walter. I am a Veteran (USAF 82-93) and had Proudly served during D/S , I have known many soldiers and airmen who have been in harm's way, but this passing has hit me hard. Hard to understand, but then again maybe I don't want to know why. My condolences to his family and his fellow brothers at arms. He will always be in my Prayers.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Religious Right _ Seeing things in black and white

This little piece is just my thoughts on the religious "right". It seems everywhere you go the term "relig-right" is used to label anyone who disagrees with society's values as of the present. Yes, I consider myself a religious person and I do tend to view things in black and white terms. Wrong is wrong and Right is right. Nothing is simpler. Do I hate homosexuals? No. Do I think the homosexual lifestyle is disgusting? Yes. Do I want to ban books or television programs that promote the wrong moral values to our kids? No. Should I hold those responsible for the financial backing of those things by not buying their products or watching their shows? Yes. Should I show respect to other religions and the people that follow the same? Not unless those religions promote the same moral values that I have. That's just the way it is with me. If being an American citizen who believes in the Constitution, believes in God, believes in ones Right to defend themselves or their loved ones, believes there is a Right and Wrong and no gray areas in between , if that means I am a "right wing religious fanatic", then so be it.

PS: In response to other religions; I can think of only one that teaches HATE and VIOLENCE and FANATICISM---islam. No better than the Jim Jones' of the world.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Here's hoping the UN goes...

Here's hoping that for the duration of this year that the UN suffers one scandal after another, severely damaging it's prestige(yea, right) and finally seeing it come to this: BANKRUPT...KAPUT...DISSOLVED!! I can only hope. And the thought of giving bill clinton the UN Sec job-- I get a migraine just thinking about the two of them. And then theres his c*** of a wife. The evil, un-Christian thoughts I have about her-- That's a whole page of Dreaming. Maybe for next year.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

M1--The Rifle & Pro Gun $$ support

I have to say, for a Greek service grade rifle, It is in excellent shape! Good TE and barrel- Great Stock for it's age--Impressive! Will see how it shoots this weekend. I know I will be sore!! Overall the past 60 days have been a gun owners dream-- An M-1, A Sig p229, and a L1A1 all added to my collection. And who-da-thunk that my wife would have been one of the buyers. By the way, the L1 shoots like a dream and the Sig, well it's a Sig. Still have some learnin to do on the Garand, but it's one of those chores that you really love to do.

I really need to tip my hat (and wallet) to all the Pro II's out there who keep all of us informed. Not the Nat'l Org's (They get plenty of $$ support) but the website owners and bloggers who do the relentless research and checking and cross checking of Firearm related information and then put it out there for us to ponder. I plan on trying to help any way I can-- I am going to start but "tipping" my wallet to those who are making a difference at least once a week. Might not be much, but it's a way to show my gratitude for what they do...



Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Got it!!

Rec'd my Garand today. Can't believe it. I don't know why I have waited this long, but , what a feeling. For a service grade H/R it is in great condition. Already got the ammo and I am going to the range on Sunday.

By the way- for everyone that lives in WA (where all the anti BS is now being brought up) Idaho can always use a few good GUN owners. Come on over. Hope the senate/house bills get knocked out, but you never know. Espcially with the type of libs/soc. that reside in the State house over there. Stand Firm!!