Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Still waitting on the Garand...

The wait is about to kill me. It has been shipped and I hope it is here by Friday. Got a range trip planned (even though the temp with wind chill will be -) But I have waited long enough. By the looks of the pictures will have to purchase a new stock for it, probably from Boyds unless I find another source. Rec. and Barrel are fine. Can't wait!

Monday, January 10, 2005

More of the same

Look like another year of more of the same as last year, and the before it, and etc... I was hoping that for just once that this year would hold NO, that's right, NO attempts by misguided and idiotic MIP to limit, control, restrict or otherwise BAN any type of firearms. Then the .50 ban in the PRC was signed and now daley is trying an end around in Ill. Not that I ever let my guard down or don't relish a good fight--- but DAMN!, What do we have to do to stop this anti bullshit? Maybe before any elected official can take office they should have to recite the Constitution/BOR. If they can not explain the TRUE intent after that, then tar-feather-Canada in that order. I guess since that ain't gonna happen, We will have to keep up the good fight. Keep backing the Pro-2nd groups of your choice and keep on Shooting. Time to go help the economy -- need some .357 sig ammo.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Relief money?

I can not believe that people are actually complaining about the amount of money that this country has pledged for the latest disaster. 350 million is not enough? There are even calls from the liberal (FSP) est. To force (tax) the American people for future disasters. As far as I am concerned, if you want to donate, fine with me. But don't you f****** dare try to force me to donate against my will. Right now the only thing I am donating to is my "Need another Gun Fund" due to the fact that the UN_OFI is running the show. I guess they have figured out how to scam some of the relief money. Feel a headache coming@#*&!!

Garand on the way!!!!

I have finally broken down and decided to spend my hard earned money the right way: Buy a Garand from CMP. It's on it's way and the excitement is building. This will probably finish my collection of WWII era firearms. Don't know what I will do then. I guess just do a lot of range time>>>>>>..

Don't care about San Fran- Gun Ban

After reading about the possible firearms ban in San-Fran and the uproar that is soon to follow, I have two questions: What do the people of the city think and How will a ban affect me? In regards to #1, I understand what kind of people reside in the city and would suspect that the majority would support it. I personally think it is grandstanding by the city council and don't expect it to make it out of the courts. But, it is California so you never really know.

I don't see a ban being passed in S-F causing many problems. Some ammo for the anti's, yes. Does it mean that gun bans will be coming to a city near you? No. Very few cities are as liberal or "diverse" as S-F and if it is completed as advertised within a short time period the stat's will show that it does not work; as in Chi., D.C., New Jersey, etc...

personally, I do not give a rat's ass about San Fran or it's people. Or for that matter the rest of California either. If you are smart, you should be packing and leaving that area ASAP. I won't give it a seconds thought after today's post. They deserve what they get.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

What I will do this Year, part 44

Yep, it's the new year. Been thinking alot about what I must do this year. I will NOT stop calling , writing, e-mailling and otherwise badgering my elected representatives about issues that I think are important. I will at every chance donate to charities that are representative of my points of view. I will stop patronizing ANY business that is even remotely tied in with ANY ANTI-GUN group. I will NOT watch any of the networks news shows. (19 straight years) I will only purchase 1 firearm this year. (Garand/CMP) I will keep at least 3000 rounds of ammo on hand at all times. I WILL take at least one perason out to my range and teach them how to shoot. I will keep praying that the UN is removed from American soil in my lifetime. I will do better with my finances. I will be a better parent to my kids and husband to my wife. I will visit my parents this year. That's alot of "I will's", going to do my best to see them thru.