Friday, December 31, 2004

The past year.....

This is the time of the year that I, as everyone does, reflects on the past year. There were so many good things that happened. Aquired my first Sig,which by the way is a dream to shoot. Had a great year at work, alot of new business. I had great health this year along with the rest of my family. The arrival of three new puppies in our house. The Killing of the AWB. John Kerry losing the election. Stocked away more money to the savings. Finally got a snow blower. It's a long list but those are the highlights. The bad things were limited. Did not save enough. Did not help as much as I would have liked at the range. Did not find a range closer to home. Did not help out with as many charities as I usually do. I let stress from work affect my common sense. I did not post as much as I would have liked. Going to really think tonite and post my resolutions tomorrow. Going to stick to them..

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Gun Nut Xmas

What a Great Xmas. Being a gun nut, this is the first Xmas that my wife finally did the right thing, gave the gift of a firearm! Took the Sig to the range and it was everything that I expected. As my son would say--Sweet! I also was given extra mags for my FAL along with a sling and rosewood grips for my 1911. That Santa is one Hell of a Guy!!!!!!! Since this is another short week, planning on spending NYE at the range. Can't wait!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Big List

During my daily check of the Gunblog'o'sphere I have noticed a lot of response to Jason's plight with law enforcement in Washington state. Until the whole story is out, I must say I have mixed feelings about his predicament. Being a gunowner and a CCW holder, you always wonder just what would happen if a confrontation with LE took place. I agree that more instruction/training on firearm laws for Law Enforcement would be a great thing. I have spoken to a few local officers and get different views/answers on what is legal and illegal in my locale. Majority are great people and public servants, but the lack of knowledge about IMPORTANT laws is a scary thing. It is what has happened I think in Jason's case.
The idea of watching what you say or write or post because of the fear of being put on a "list" by certain org's just does not sit well with me. You have the Right in this country to speak your mind. It's as important as the Right to Keep and Bear Arms if you ask me. But, I agree that the Right of F/S does not give anyone the Right to threaten with violence or physical harm any other individual. Those of us who cherish the Constitution and especially the 2nd Amend. Understand the responsibilities that come with those Freedoms. We also understand the lengths to which one must go to Protect those Freedoms from enemies both foreign and Domestic.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

New Sig///Early Xmas

Who would have thought by taking my wife to my favorite gun shop would have ended up with me carrying out a Sig 229! Not me. Only the second time she has ever gone to "My Place" to browse. Did not ask many questions during my continual " Oh, Look at that price" or drooling. But after I saw the Sig and did a check on it, she asked if I wanted it to which I gave the standard "OH YEAH", which at that time she procedeed to purchase it, 100 rds of ammo, and some spare targets. I am still stunned!!! What a lady!! Now my problem is that I have got to top this gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!