Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Gun owners

Seem's like more of the gun owners I talk to don't have a clue about what kerry will do if elected. Just can not get it thru those thick skulls.... You judge a man by his actions, not his words. All they have to do is look at his senate voting record and the simple truth is plain to see. Granted, most that I have argued with are union thuggies- but I did not know that being a union member meant you had to dispense with all common sense. Makes you wonder----

Monday, September 20, 2004

awb: gut feeling

Been thinking about the awb going bye-bye. Have been to quite a few gun sites and the sentiment it seems is to give crdit to the groups (nra, goa, sas, etc) for the awb not being renewed. Yeah, well, look around. I believe it was the average GUN nut who put the pressure on the polits. Don't think for one second that if they thought it would benefit them in any way, that they would not have voted for renewal. Remeber, these are politicians, many of them life long screwers of the People.

I have all along worried that the sunset does not mean anything. I still have the fear that between nov and Jan a new "awb" will be coming along and that it will be passed, esp. if the repub's keep the pres. Don't get me wrong, I like GWB and will vote for him in Nov., but,,,,,,, the House is full of so called moderates that a new ban is very possible. Extremely possible. I hope that gun owners nationwide will keep the pressure on and be vigilant from this day forward. Must remember that we have very FEW friends in the Govn. and most of them would sell us out in a heartbeat!!

BTW: .50 cal ban in California? Yeah, Arnold is nothing more that a closet liberal, period. FYI--thats the kind of "Republican" that the "Republican" party wants to put forth in the future. Talk about being screwed_________

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

AWB: Bad Vibes...............

Have been following the AWB on cspan and,,,, I am getting an uneasy feeling about this. I know there are only a couple of days left and as of today things look good, but. With the media now using the "blame Bush" if it sunsets, I wonder if there will not be a last minute deal.... Does the Bush handlers think along the lines of "Who are they going to vote for even if we allow it to not sunset/ The soccer moms-fence sitters we need"? Are we taken for granted along those lines? I hope not, but, then again when it comes to politicians I have very little faith in them to do the right thing. I know we are in the minority when it comes to having our voices heard in the media. Not even going there. Blogs, pro gun groups, and shooting/hunting orgs. Are our only outreach to the masses.

But, no matter how it turns out MAKE sure you contact your Rep's and let them know however you want that a VOTE for renewal will cost them YOUR vote forever, will cost them their Party's vote forever, and will cost them ANY and ALL donations in the future. It might help and it might not, but THEY need to know.

I will keep my fingers crossed.

Friday, September 03, 2004

good news

Heard about clinton today... I predicted that either the big macs or that carpetbagging bitch would be the death of him, almost got it right. I just can not find any symp for that individual, none at all. But there is always the upside. The convention was good, but still far from what I thought it should have been. Special thanks to Mr. Miller for saying it straight. Yah, Straight. Whatever anyone says about Zell, he was angry and me's thinks he do not like Kerry. After hitting the du and seeing the dem protestors on video, seems like they are in froth/spit mode. Signs of a sinking ship.

One thing I do worry about is the AWB. If the Prez does happen to getr a big enough bump, and his handlers start looking to reach out to the soccer moms (where his #'s are weak) then the AWB could be given up to make em happy. Everyone in the firearm community must keep up the pressure on ALL the politicians to make sure that it goes away period. I know next year a different version will be brought up by the usual suspects, but, One battle at a time.