Sunday, August 22, 2004

AWB Renewal?

I hope to God that I am wrong, but I fear that some of the Prez's handlers are going to push for a renewal signing ( if it's brought up) if it stay's tight up to the convention/ election. By listening to some of them I get the feeling that they have nothing to lose and votes to gain. I mean, what are gun owners going to do? Vote for Kerry??????????The gut feeling in my stomach tells me that we are going to be screwed again. We are being taken for granted. This election year has really proved to me that, above all things, we need a Strong Third Party candidate whio believes in the Constitution and the values that made this Country Great. I guess I can dream.


Yes, my son has reached the "i am legal" mark in his life. 21!!!! Good kid with a Great Life ahead of him.........

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Weekly trip to the Range was great. 150 rounds of 9mm; 100 rounds of .303; 200 rounds of 7.62x39; and last but not least 300-400 rounds of .22....... Does not get any better. I am amazed at what my Enfield 4/1 can due at 100-200 yds. Blows me away!!!! But, my son did beat me at our end of session shoot out. That is something that I will have to work on!!

Kerry and the VFW

Good job by the VFW in showing kerry the respect he's due- thier backsides. My intense hatred for him aside, How can he stand up there and speak to a group of Veterans, most of whom he stabbed in the back with his actions as an anti-war stooge, with a straight face? It is sickening. Being a veteran myself, I could not even stand next to the individual without wanting to literally choke someone. If this stooge is elected, I fear for not only my sanity, but for my Country!!!