Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well, Just about had enough.

Just aboput had enough of this FFkerry vietnam crap. So he did serve, then he early outs, comes back and finds out he can't politicky as a war hero, turns yellow and does what every true liberal does; starts to "hate" his country. If he wants to "hate" his country, fine----but to stab his fellow soldiers in the back, Makes me sick. Every Veteran of the Vietnam conflict should be livid that the sob even mentions having served in the SW Asia. As a veteran myself, I am to the point of screaming every time I hear his ******* name mentioned.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Oh Yeah,

Just got my FIST 41 for my Steyr S-40 and, It is great. What else can I say. The more I handle and fire the Steyr, the more I think it will knock my XD out as my "Next to the Bed" pistol

Sooner or later

I guess sooner or later we are going to get tired of the AG prison garbage. I guess the reason why I am f'n tired is not only does it take away from the accomplishments in Iraq so far, but mainly because it gives the f'n radical muslims and their symp's satisfaction. I have yet to hear one mainstream(I mean Liberal) muslim SMB group condemn the beheading of Berg, but yet the howling about the AG Prison is non stop. As each day goes by, I find myself harboring a deeper and deeper hate for ANYONE who sympathizes with ANY terrorist group. That goes for ANYONE. Especially any muslim group or backed group who does not criticize the RADICAL side of their religion.