Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Safety search????????????

Look's like we are having an early spring, for Idaho that is. Have been reading up on the recent court decision in the South. Scary is the word. Granted most PD's and officers will not abuse the safety search, but there are some who no doubt will. If I ever have to have an officer dispatched or one shows up unannounced, we will be discussing things on the lawn, garunteed! But what really amazes me is that the majority of people I have spoke to about this could care less. Think it's okay. I wonder if they would change thier tune if it were to happen to them, a search that violates thier privacy without a warrant, without process of law....When are the courts going to start recognizing the Constitution? Maybe a pre-requisite for serving on the Judiciary should be a pop test on the document. One chance to pass, that's it. If you fail, banned for life from being a judge......anywhere.....anyplace.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Spain, .......

No matter what the du is saying, Spain has surrendered to the terrorist. Plain and simple. No matter how anyone spins it, complete "bending over ." Blame it on who you want, but, it boils down to a socialist government with a socialist attitude. As far as I am concerned, Spain deserves what they get. Hopefully this will be brought out at a later (election) date so the American people can see what's in store if jk is elected. Hope WE as a nation are smart enough to understand it. No one person or gov. can sit down with these people and talk. They have to be located, targeted, then ruthlessly KILLED. NO EXCEPTIONS. No imprisonment, no lawyers, no tribunal. KILLED. Period. Will the rest of europe follow Spain? Some will. All I have for them right now is pity. and disgust. and amazement.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

How many is guns is enough?

How many firearms can one man have? How many is enough? Don't know yet. I seem to vow every month not to buy or trade for another weapon, but I just can't help myself. Last week I found a MAS to add to my combat rifle section; excellent shape at a great price. Then this am I was buying some ammo for my 9 and 45 and saw a steyr 40 s/w hanging by it's lonesome, SCREAMING my name. I have a friend who swears by his, so after 20 to 30 trips around the store trying to rationalize this purchase to my wife, it hit me! Sears! I will buy my wife that much needed Black Kenmore refrig/freezer with all the trimmings with no questions asked. Have it delivered and installed. Then, not only will I not have a guilt trip about my purchase, but will always have a retort if needed. She will be happy, and I will too! Well, got to go finish taking inventory on the rest of our outdated appliances-- need something besides a toaster to swap for an M-1 Garand

Friday, March 12, 2004


Yeah, I will vote for GWB again. Yeah, I despise john kerry. One of my worries now is that if the race stays tight, will GWB sign an extension of the awb before the election to placate/gather some of the uninformed fence sitters? The last thing I want is come the fall is to wake up one morning and find out that half of my collection is now illegal! I will continue to press my rep's on the sunset of the awb, keep the pressure on them from now until that fateful day and I think that everyone else should also. We have to understand that this is a battle that will continue for years to come. The sc will be of no help to this issue. We must be vigilant at all times. We must give time and money to the org's that further our cause even if they are not perfect!!!! NRA, GOA, SAF, and many others are out there to help. If you are a gunowner, do whatever it takes.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Tha Coming Battle..........

After yesterdays Senate cluster, there should be no doubt about who is on our side and who is not. I would like to believe that ALL republicans would be for NO firearm restrictions on the law abiding AMERCAN citizen but it just ain't true..... We (the GUN owning 2ND Amendment respecting citizen) need to put our money and time where our mouths are! Find out who voted against our Freedoms and let them know EXACTLY how you feel! Let them know YOU WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM in November- Let them know YOU ARE GOING TO SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO WILL DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS at all costs- Let them know YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO WILL GO TO THE FLOOR FOR YOU at any time- Believe me, each letter/email/donation DOES make a Difference! Show your support to all of the Groups and Organizations that promote the Second Amendment, both verbaly and financially.

The anti-gun (or as they call it now--Gun Safety) politicians will not stop here. We must let our elected officials know we are watching them- we must constantly follow ALL legislation before the House and Senate prior to the Sunset of the AWB-- We must insure they understand our dedication to this cause and that those who decieve our Trust will be forever marked as a traitor. I have in the past 24 hours updatred and donated to all of my Firearm Org's/ I have sent letters of thanks to my Senator's (Sen. Craig and Sen. Crapo) I have also added over thirty site refer's so that I can always find out what is happening at any time. Please do what you can to help....... This battle is FAR from over!!!!!

BTW, Be sure and let all of the gunowners you know ;(who think it can't happen here, or will not have any effect on them (hunters), or can not afford to get involved,) what Ted "Fat, Drunk, and DAMN sure can't swim" Kennedy proposed about the AP ammo. Maybe then they will understand.