Saturday, February 28, 2004

Oh Yea,,

The Passion---- I do not know what to say,,,, Intense

Another weekend with crappy weather,,,,

Another wet, cold, weekend....was hoping to go kill some targets , but thats Idhao weather for you. Spent alot of time watching and posting on the Senate actions....... Seems to be going pretty well, but you never know about those guys and gals in DC. But one thing I can tell you,,,, the MERE sight of fienstein and boxer make me physically sick---- I did not think I could HATE someone as much as those two, but, I do tend to amaze myself at times. Planning on sending bab's a box of gun locks if that is attached and passes. Maybe one to diane also, she could use it on the one she carrys in her purse. Well, hoping to target some tomorrow, if the weather permits.

Saturday, February 21, 2004


Alot of people that I have spoken with about San/Fran don't seem to understand that whats happenning there will have a dire effect on laws everywhere. If a loony-toon mayor of one city can flaunt the law with no judiciary response, others are soon to follow. But what if it's just not homo- marriage next time? What if it's the city of chicago deciding that they are going to confiscate ALL firearms? What if L.A. decides that banning of all tobacco in the city is in the best interest of everyone? What if , what if, what if? I think this a slippery slope(ignoring the law) that will ultimately divide the country and pit Right against left in a way that few will believe could happen.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Done with dinner. Just playing around with the site,,,,still learning. As you can tell, I am a Rabid 2nd Amendment follower. I love to shoot (Just look in my weapon closet.) Don't hunt, my targets are mainly paper, but if given the opportunity, will pop the rabid Idaho ground squirrels. One note, need to check out Sen. bill 1224 and House Bill 2403; let me know what you think it means.
Tired of venting at the TV; Needed a place where I can scream without having the neighbors complain. Wife get's tired of it also(which is a REALLY bad thing).